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Account Updater by Jonas Fitness

In today’s business environment, club owners/operators need to increase collections, but member credit cards are declining at ever-higher rates due to fraud alerts, lost or stolen cards and account changes.  

This is where Account Updater by Jonas Fitness steps in.

Account Updater automatically updates Visa® and MasterCard® credit card numbers and expiration dates without having to contact your members. On a quarterly basis, all EFT MasterCard and Visa credit cards that had payments during the last 5 months are sent by the Jonas Fitness Payment Processing system to the Visa Account Updater system for review.   Free DemoThen, the Payment Processing system sends new and consumer-updated card numbers to the Visa Account Updater system for verification.

Our flagship product Compete, even allows you to run ad-hoc reports detailing which member accounts have been automatically updated! 

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