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Compete®   from Jonas Fitness

Revolutionary Club Management Software with Unprecedented Performance and Ease-of-Use

Whatever you are looking for, a single or multi-site club management solution or a Web-based solution, Compete has an option to meet your specific needs and help you create a distinct advantage in today’s increasingly competitive health and fitness club market.

Increase Your Revenue
To manage your business more effectively, Compete includes an innovative electronic agreements management feature that supports multiple contracts and multiple forms of payment for each member of your club.

In addition, Compete is designed with a scalable technical architecture that accommodates future growth and expansion to help minimize future software expenses and maximize your return on investment.

Compete combines ease-of-use with robust back-office functionality, facilitating the gathering and reporting of information that can provide clubs with in-depth insight into their operations.

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Jonas Fitness identified that the main challenge club operators have with software is getting access to the data they really need. Most club management platforms are difficult to use and, therefore, often less than 50 percent of the functionality and application capability is leveraged. Compete was created with one goal in mind: ease-of-use - so that club operators can utilize 100 percent of their technology investment. 

Reduce Your Costs
Compete allows your front desk to operate more efficiently, reduces employee training costs and makes it easier for you to complete more tasks in a shorter period of time.  Also allowing you the owner, to focus more attention on attracting and retaining members all which will increase your sales and profitability.

With a focus on employee productivity, Compete includes the following modules: member and family check-in, point-of-sale, configuration, data entry, billing, standard reports and integrated point of sale (POS) credit card processing.

Boost and Retain Your Memberships
To increase membership and improve member satisfaction, Compete includes: sales prospecting, member self-service, locker management, nursery monitoring, court management, gift card purchase/redemption and a bookings feature that enables club staff to schedule events occurring simultaneously in the swimming pool, basketball court and other locations that can be sectioned off into designated areas for different activities.

A detailed example of the core functionality that is provided with the Compete system is outlined below:

Front Desk

  • Intuitive, fully touchscreen-capable web-based system with large guided buttons
  • Designed for ease-of-use and maximum visibility of all features
  • Minimal training time required for front desk personnel
  • Supports a wide range of connected hardware peripherals (bar code reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, fingerprint scanner, door access, POS pole, camera, etc.)
  • Roles-based security allows access by users to only authorized functions.
  • Club-specific employee roles can control data access


  • Quickly check-in a member or family (attended, unattended, or monitored)
  • Check-in alerts - provide staff with key member information like a past due balance, etc.
  • Nursery check-in
  • Add a guest or prospect
  • Enroll a member in a class
  • View appointments
  • Clock an employee in or out

Point of Sale

  • Sell a product, service or class
  • Unlimited customization of product categories and product buttons for quick transactions
  • Discounts and multiple payment methods
  • Multiple forms of payment
  • Real-time credit card authorization
  • Sell and redeem gift cards
  • Search by product bar code or description


  • Fully electronic member agreements
  • Multiple contract templates per plan
  • Multiple services per agreement
  • Pricing at individual club level
  • Electronic signature capture – agreements cannot be modified during or after signing
  • On-line agreements (see Join On-line descriptions below)
  • Agreement add-on, rewrite and renewal capability
  • Primary agreement designator for membership contract identification
  • Automatic start/stop selling dates
  • Multiple electronic service agreements such as club membership contract, personal training, locker and towel service agreements.
  • Flexibility in billing cycles per agreement
  • Support recurring fees at billing cycles offset from normal dues cycle.
  • Seamless integration of individual member records
  • Multiple forms of payment per agreement 


  • Schedule classes, courses or appointments
  • Fully integrated with front desk check-in, POS as well as back office accounting and reports
  • Outlook-style calendar interface
  • Integration of classes to prevent double booking of shared resources
  • Facilities management
  • Multiple member and group appointments
  • Manage standby list for overbooked classes or courses
  • Supports cancellation and no-show fees
  • Club configured restrictions based on time, capacity, resources, etc

Nursery Monitor

  • Multiple child electronic check-in
  • Guardian/child relationship data
  • Child identification tags with critical information
  • Real-time attendance updates
  • Monitor multiple nursery locations simultaneously
  • Comprehensive reports detailing member lists and usage reports

Locker Management

  • Individual and bulk management of lockers
  • Assign, change and release lockers
  • One-time or recurring locker payments 

Employee Time Clock

  • Schedule classes, courses or appointments
  • Employee hours tracking
  • Manager record override capability
  • Reports for payroll processing or employee audits

Sales Prospecting

  • Track guests and prospects
  • Set action-items and follow-up dates

Back Office

  • Configure and manage multiple clubs from a single application
  • Fully integrated with Front Desk data
  • Club-specific employee roles control data access
  • Create club groups for use when assigning roles


  • Multiple forms of payment per member
  • Flexible billing schedule
  • Bi-weekly billing
  • Billing freeze by form of payment
  • Integration with Electronic Payment Solutions
  • Multiple paper statement formats


  • Monitor the collections process closely
  • Track success of collections operations
  • Post payments
  • Real-time member account updates


  • Tiered commission amounts or percentages based on sales amount or quantity of sales
  • Reports on commissions by salesperson


  • Over 300 reports, each with multiple sort/select criteria, to monitor club performance
  • Identify trends that impact club usage and profitability
  • Exportable to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF
  • Access logs provide an audit trail of sensitive information
  • Ad hoc report module for custom data reporting

Online Services

  • Access critical employee or member information from mobile and desktop platforms
  • Mobile platform compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets
  • Supports Windows PC and Apple OS browsers
  • Accessible as a link from Club’s main website
  • Customizable logos, colors and text
  • Secure login

Employee Self Service

  • Secure trainer login using their same Compete credentials
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views
  • Full member contact listing
  • Live access to club’s Compete database with real-time data exchange
  • Gives mobile trainers ability to view, create and change/cancel member appointments on the fly
  • Trainer can adjust daily availability at any time 

Member Self Service

  • Member access to account history, on-line statements and electronic agreements
  • On-line enrollment and scheduling for classes, personal training and other services
  • Email communication
  • On-line payments using a pre-specified credit card or an alternate credit card
  • Purchase and schedule personal training sessions on-line
  • Enhanced Class and personal training scheduling module

Join Online Interface

  • Sell plans for one or multiple clubs directly from an easy-to-use on-line web interface
  • “Best Agreement Plan” suggestion based on user preference input
  • Real-time credit card processing of agreement down payment
  • Member, agreement and billing automatically set up on Compete after sign-up
  • Confirmation sent email to new member with link to club location using Google Maps
  • Optional member barcode delivered to member for first use upon club check-in
  • Live access to club’s Compete database with real-time data exchange
  • Free trial/guest pass option for prospective guests

Data Integration

  • Ability to interface with numerous general ledger accounting packages
  • Member data file export tools
  • Detailed API / web service interface exposes a variety of member data, allowing integration between 3rd party software platforms as well as a club’s own custom in-house systems
  • Current Compete API/Web-Service integration with popular 3rd party systems
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