Leverage Your Compete Platform 

Integrate Compete with one of our partner's apps and add-ons to leverage your Complete platform for business success.

Our club management software handles complex daily operations with flying colors.

With a family of more than 3,000 mid to high-end health and fitness clubs across the United States and Canada, our integrated software and payments platform helps clubs solve daily challenges and improve cash flow with their profitability in mind.

Money Talks. Get More of It.

Accept payments online, at your front desk or anywhere in between directly through the software with automatic recurring billing and Point of Sale.

  • Increase cash flow while significantly reducing your overhead
  • Reduce billing cost – Recurring Billing eliminates invoicing costs, postage & late payments
  • Faster & more reliable collectibility
Update Member Accounts Anytime

On an on-demand basis, all EFT MasterCard and Visa credit cards that had payments during the last 5 months are sent by the Jonas Fitness Payment Processing system to the Visa/MasterCard Account Updater system for review. New and consumer-updated card numbers sent to Visa's network automatically updated.