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Recurring (EFT) Billing from Jonas

Grow Your Revenue Stream and Speed Collections While Retaining Members

Jonas Fitness delivers unsurpassed value in automatic EFT payments:

Benefits to your club:

  • Predictable cash flow – Membership dues are automatically collected in full on the due date and deposited directly into your account, improving cash flow and eliminating float. 

  • Increased member retention – There’s no reason for you to “resell” your service to your members with every invoice and less impulse for them to leave your club if they don’t have to write a check every month.

  • Increased revenue – Since pre-approved member dues are deducted on a regular schedule, your revenue stream will grow as your locked-in base of EFT members grows.

  • Reduced billing cost – EFT eliminates invoicing costs, postage and late payments

  • Expanded payment options – Open your doors to every member when you honor popular payment options: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®, in addition to checking and savings accounts.

  • Faster and more reliable collections – Member payments are made automatically, every time, on time

EFT Data Sheet

Benefits for your members:

  • Convenience – Members eliminate the time and hassle of paying by check, month after month- we also offer options for bi-weekly billing as this may be a more convenient payment schedule for your members.

  • Control – Members maintain complete control of their payments – they confirm the payment date, amount and account when they sign up.

  • Flexibility – Your members can choose their preferences: checking account or credit card for their payments.

  • Security – Unlike checks, EFT payments cannot be lost, altered or forged


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