Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) provides customizable sales systems and modules to help your club increase membership and personal training sales.

VFP and Your Club

VFP has been operating since 1999, and today they serve over 1600 clubs, helping them increase personal training and new membership sales with educational, structured, and customizable sales presentations. VFP's Tablet Tour allows your team to give prospective members a guided tour that ensures your facility's benefits and features are highlighted, while the education modules allow your personal trainers to teach members the foundations of health and fitness as well as calculate their health age and health risks. Comprehensive, informational, and therefore valuable, VFP's sales systems transform your sales process, so you can sell and keep more memberships.

On average people who received a VFP presentation at 100 clubs spent 230% more on their initial purchase and were retained by these clubs for 13% longer than people who did not. What might that mean for your bottom line?

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